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Welcome to The Danklands!

We are a group of like-minded gamers building a friendly community based around playing your favourite games the way YOU want to play them. The Danklands Minecraft server is dedicated to providing the best RPG Survival experience that Minecraft has to offer. From insane enchantments that let you blaze through all blocks in your path, to mythic monsters to keep you guessing in the wilderness there's something new and exciting for everyone.

We support a variety of plugins which allow us to create a unique and customisable experience for players with the ability to keep things interesting with new updates and tweaks happening daily. The server is currently in BETA while we work on the kinks.



1. No griefing.

2. No hacks/cheats/external mods allowed.

3. No begging for exp/money/items/faction power.

4. Report any bugs/exploits to one of the server operators.

5. No racism/sexism.

6. Don't be an ass hole.



We support McMMO. On top of Minecraft's normal leveling system, you will also have the opportunity to level up through skills like Mining, Woodcutting, Hunting and more to harness your powers and unlock special abilities to make enemies bleed, mine with the force of ten men, or fell whole trees at once! With this plugin, you will progress through the ranks to feel like you've become a late-game monster.


MythicMobs, MythicDrops and MMOItems:

To give that extra RPG feel, The Danklands has it's own custom mobs and items made possible by a combination of plugins which are constantly being personalised by us to keep players guessing on what kind of mobs they are going to battle against next. Obtain unique weapons with weird and strange enchantments, battle against fearsome foes that you've never seen and dive into the unknown!


LuckyBlock, and the Dangerous Series:

LuckyBlock grants you the ability to passively have a chance to gain an extra "LuckyBlock" every time you mine a block. This block can be placed and destroyed in order to earn a special surprise. The surprises aren't always nice, but they can contain ores, special materials, and more goodies!

The "Dangerous" series of plugins takes the meaning of Survival to the next levels, with cave-ins and your exhaustion to watch out for when you're working hard in the mines, to new Nether and above-ground mechanics to enhance the survival experience even further.


Enchantments, Jobs and MobHunt:

The Danklands wants you to be able to feel like you've leveled up to a point where you're completely unstoppable. With your custom pet by your side, your custom enchantments on your equipment to tear through blocks, the ability to one-shot enemies, and get many drops from one block.

Jobs are enabled in the server to help you with the costs of setting up camp, paying for materials and earning experience for those all-important late-game enchantments. Jobs are an efficient and fun way of making money just by playing the game how you want to! This plugin in combination with MobHunt gives you a steady flow of cash while giving you fun objectives to complete throughout your time leveling up.


Shops, Auctions and Crates:

Need to make money fast? Need more building materials instantly or want to try your luck and unlock some awesome loot? These plugins allow you to do all of those things here in The Danklands. Whether you're looking to set up your own auctions or want to buy a beacon to set up camp and prepare for late-game. You will never be stuck here!

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