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Warthief's Kingdom is a fun server where anyone can build 24/7. The server owners are warthief333 and Biiiiigsexy and are super friendly so don't be shy. This server is new as of 7-2-2019 with only a few reliable mods so far. This server is frequently backed up and will be open for a very long time so do not worry about anything being deleted. In case you're wondering why some structures are made of bedrock, we are looking for server protection mods and bedrock prevents others from destroying our large structures. We are on a lot of the time so press "T" to chat or contact me for important questions at [email protected] Rules:- Until there are protection mods, please don't destroy others work. Just help us build. - No profanity or harassment of any kind! - Don't bother cheating. Everything is backed up frequently and will be restored and you will be banned for good. - Have fun building!

Warthiefs Kingdom
Server Information
Warthiefs Kingdom IP147.135.54.67
Registration DateAugust 05, 2019
Last Pinged4 months ago
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Version 1.14.4 Paper
CategoriesPVPFunMiningKingdomNeed Builders
CountryUnited States of America flag