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Welcome! If you are looking for a more difficult survival challenge in Minecraft then this just may be the server for you.

With all new creatures and tougher vanilla mobs prepare to die a lot, this is not for the faint hearted.

The server currently consists of myself and a few friends and we wanted to open it up to the public. We're currently most active during Australian hours. Most mods have been added to make survival a more difficult aspect of the game as well as adding a few fun mods like Tinkers Construct, Astral Sorcery and the Thermal series of mods.

Join our discord to grab the modpack, find out more or ask questions.


- Don't grief other peoples bases

- Don't steal from peoples chests

- PVP is allowed Don't be a bully

- Don't cause drama

- Pranks are ok if both parties can laugh, just use your judgement

Tormented Survival
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Registration DateAugust 06, 2019
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Version 1.12
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