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Custom 1.14.4 Survival

- RPG Levels (Our RPG Levels are quite similar to mcMMO but have a few unique features. There is a whole new Ability Leveling System where you will be able to equip abilities to your loadout as you level up. /mcrpg)
- Custom Quests (With our "harsher" economy, money is not easy to come by. Our Quests will assist you in building up your income with daily tasks. /quests)
- Custom Pets (We have Custom Pets that will enhance your play-time on the server. They come equipped with multiple buffs that are all upgrade-able. /companions)
- Anti-Grief Land Claim (Our Anti-Grief land claim makes it impossible for players, mobs, water, tnt and other block griefing items to ruined claimed land. use /lands)

1.14.4 Creative
- Marriage (Roleplay with other players with this plugin! You can kiss, send eachother gifts and even teleport to one another! /marry)
- Plots (The essential plots plugin designed to keep your builds safe. Start off with /plot auto)
- World Edit (An essential for building. Makes everything easier and faster.)

1.8 - 1.14.4 Survival Games
- Unique Care Packages (While In-game, you may find a care package hidden in a chest. These care packages will rain down upon you and deliver a surprise item that may help you in future battles!)
- Spectator System (Our Spectator System allows you to watch the intense PVP unfold.)
- Vote System (While you're in queue, you can vote for the time of the day, the type of loot and how many hearts each player will have.)
- 1.8 PVP (1.8 PVP allows for the most skilled players to shine. Old tool damage is brought back, old knockback with snowballs and fishing rods. Everything is configured for a PVPer's dream. 
- Kits (Kits and Items are purchasable before the game starts. Use these to get a winning-edge against all the other players.)

Mango Network is a premium Minecraft Network that is dedicated on bringing the best experiences for players. Website:

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Mango Network ► 1.14.4 Creative ► 1.14.4 Custom Survival ►
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