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Reforged Survival is a pure Pixelmon Survival server.

We are a brand new server and are currently looking for new, dedicated staff members to help run the server and keep it a friendly community.

We have given access to free shiny starter Pokemon for the first month of the servers release, so right now, starters have been set to shiny. Once this first month is over, we hopefully will have everything we need in the server setup and working correctly.

The server is running Pixelmon Reforged 7.0.7 on minecraft version 1.12.2

No other mods are required to join our server!

Reforged Survival
Server Information
Reforged Survival
Registration DateAugust 19, 2019
Last Pinged4 months ago
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Version 1.12.2
CategoriesSurvivalPixelmonSmallPokemonNeed Staff
CountryUnited States of America flag