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TellerMC is a new and diverse survival paper spigot 1.14.4 mine craft server!

Here we listen to our players opinion's and we add the features and suggestions of our players on a regular basis, we love feedback on our server and wish to constantly improve the way in which we operate.

So far we have a spawn area including features such as a butchers, and random teleporter (iHop), a enchantment and anvil area, and a player market in which you can request your own market stall to be able to sell to other players!

Here on TellerMC the main source of income is through voting and selling to other players. (and obviously trading items for $$)

The plugins we run on the server are below for everyone to view, if you think some are unneeded or some should be added let us know via our Discord server! (Run /discord in game for the link)

BuycraftX, ChestShop, ChestSort, ConsoleSpamFix, CoreProtect, DiscordSRV, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn, ezBroadcast*, GriefPrevention, GriefPreventionFlags, mcMMO, OperatorInv*, PermissionsEx*, SilkSpawners, StephensVoteHandler*, SuperTrails*, TAB, Vault, Votifier, WorldEdit

There are a few warps for you to see that include (/warp )
"A_Glass_Frog, Brakehn, butchers, enchant, ihop, info, market, nether, ranks, rules, StephenSSM, StephenSSMBlazeFarm"

You also have the ability to tag and speak to members in our discord server through the mine craft chat, and vice versa!

Well we hope this was enough of a description and we hope to see you all online!
~ StephenSSM

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Registration DateAugust 24, 2019
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Version 1.14.4
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