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Welcome to EternalCraft Factions! We are a brand new Minecraft server located in Australia our first launch is today! We welcome all players from around the world!

We are here to offer you the greatest Factions server with a bunch of unique features, systems that everyone is bound to enjoy!

 Beautiful Spawn and Warzone 

 300+ Quests


 Crates 4 Tiers, 140+ Rewards 

 Daily Reward

 Inventory Pets


 Ability Armor

 Special Hoppers

 Galaxy Armor

 Clue Scrolls 2 Tiers, 200+ Clues:

 70+ Custom Enchantments

 God Kits

 Supply Crates

 Balanced Economy and GUI Shop

 Ranks 9x Free Ranks 



 Warzone Bosses

 War Tokens

 Amazing KoTHs

EternalCraft Factions
Server Information
Registration DateSeptember 11, 2019
Last Pinged5 months ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.14.4
CategoriesFactionsPVPMCMMOKit PVPQuestsCustom Enchants
CountryAustralia flag