⚔️ MCSiege ⚔️ 1.8.9 Ranked pvp Looking for staff!⚔️

⚔️ MCSiege ⚔️ 1.8.9 Ranked pvp Looking for staff!⚔️

⚔️ MCSiege ⚔️ 1.8.9 Ranked pvp Looking for staff!⚔️ ip: eu.mcsiege.net

Vote For ⚔️ MCSiege ⚔️ 1.8.9 Ranked pvp Looking for staff!⚔️

Hello! we're making a server called MCSiege and we want to turn it into a new badlion server! MCSiege is trying to bring the old feel of Badlion back but with some new twists! MCSiege's takes inspiration from Fortnite's Arena game mode and implements it into Minecraft. You may be asking how can is it inspired and whats so different about MCSiege, MCSiege is trying to bring Minecraft e-sports into a whole new level, as you may or may not know to qualify for the tournaments in Fortnite you need to reach Champions League, MCSiege is very similar to that, but instead of Leagues we have ELO system just like the OG Badlion had! To participate in our tournaments and win prizes you need to have a certain elo to participate! To get ELO you would need to join Ranked 1V1, in MCSiege we only have one kit, MCSG, it will have the original MCSG items (full iron armor, sword, bow, fishing rod, arrows and a flint and steel)! Or if your more of a team player you may join 2v2 ranked with a buddy! At the end of every month the people that got the required elo will be invited to join our monthly tournament with some unique prizes! We are looking for staff and you can apply with

Previous Experience
How mature are you? (Out of 10)
How long can you be active?
What is your Favorite memory in minecraft?
What is your Least favorite memory in minecraft?
Why should we choose you over another applicant?
Why did you choose MCSeige?
How well do you know the PVP community (Out of 10)


Must be over 14 (No Exceptions)
Previous requirement on a server with more than 60+ members.
Have a Microphone
Be able to record
Have Discord

Please dm your application to a Moderator or to Spojell and 3xw/cloud
If you have any questions dm staff such as :Me :D:

⚔️ MCSiege ⚔️ 1.8.9 Ranked pvp Looking for staff!⚔️
Server Information
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/Ga3cCE4
Registration DateSeptember 14, 2019
Last Pinged4 months ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.8
CountryUnited States of America flag