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Hi! Welcome to Omni.

Our server is a vanilla server with CoreProtect and some of the Hermitcraft datapacks. We are a new server which launched just a month ago, so we don't have many builds or shops, but we hope to have more with a bigger community!

Server info:

- hosted in Poland

- running on spigot 1.14.4

- the only plugins right now are CoreProtect, LuckPerms and DiscordSRV

- our server uses many datapacks and crafting tweaks from xisumavoid's website, they're listed on our discord


Bannable offenses:

- Griefing breaking a building, or breaking the surroundings of a build. (Mark areas with signs to make this a lot easier.)

- Stealing taking others items of any worth.

- Cheating using software to have an advantage over others.

- Exploiting this includes duping and ingame xray glitches. It doesn't include TNT duping. This one is totally up to the admins to decide.

Muteable offenses:

- Spamming sending many messages at once never ends up as a ban, rarely a mute either.

- Being rude being too rude towards other players is not welcomed, although we will not ban players for being rude to someone.

- Harassing others this one is completely up to the admins to decide, harassment is never accepted. punishments can be from a mute to a ban.

We allow mods such as:

-minimap mods;


-Just Enough Items;

-basically any mod that doesn't give you an unfair advantage. If you have any concerns about your mods, just ask us!

If you want to apply, join our discord!

I hope you join us and have a great time on our server! :)

Server Information
Omni IP89.228.193.58
Discord Link
Registration DateNovember 01, 2019
Last Pinged9 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.14.4
CountryPoland flag