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Minecraft Junkie

Minecraft Junkie

School Fun Public 

Well, just like thousands out there, we are hopelessly addicted to Minecraft and it is ok with us. We do not want cure to this awesome addiction. What we want… is more Minecraft and we will not rest till everyone in the world is hooked on this Minecraft lifestyle. So quit your job , drop out of school and dump your girlfriend/boyfriend: it is too late to quit now… get some of this fine Minecraft stuff! Here at Minecraft Junkie we just love Minecraft and playing it, so our server is about feeding that addiction and just having fun playing this amazing game. We feel everyone should be able to play, so our server is 100% public right away, you may build right off the bat and we have no builder rank. Also, servers can be public and grief free, we have a team of staff devoted to preventing griefing at all costs, so everyone can play the game and not worry about their builds and items. Also our staff are promoted to playing just like you, they do not spawn items. Check us out on for more info

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Minecraft Junkie
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Minecraft Junkie
Registration DateFebruary 01, 2017
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Version 1.12
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CountryMinecraft Servers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition