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DISCORD: Click here to join our Discord and meet our amazing community!
  • Bot commands page - Click here to view a full list of _saltshaker's commands (more info below).
  • Data packs list - Click here to view a (incomplete) list of the data packs we use.
  • Player catalogue - Click here to view a list of all players who've logged into our servers.
SERVER SPECS: Intel i5-2300 - 16GB DDR3 1333 MHz - 2To SATA


  1. Don't intentionally lag/crash the server;
  2. Don't doxx anybody.
That's literally all you have to do to play here. Bans reset on a bi-monthly basis. Our discord has an additional rule against spam.


If you're struggling to find a server where you fit in, Echoes: Skyblock is the place for you.
Ever since our group's inception in mid-2017, we've been committed to providing a community for those without community. The Echoes staff have a hands-off moderation style that appeals to players who dislike servers with gameplay too heavily modified from normal vanilla Minecraft. With that Echoes servers feature many commands found on Spigot or Bukkit worlds, implemented entirely in vanilla, with the help of our unique bots, _saltshaker and DiscordRelay. You can view all of _saltshaker's commands by clicking here.
_saltshaker and DiscordRelay are updated constantly to bring in new features. Try out the brand new !top and !bottom commands when you login. Additionally, a third bot called RoamingChatBot is in development. This bot will, when summoned, join a random Minecraft server and establish a two-way chat between Echoes: Anarchy and that server, similar in principle to the Yggdrasil Discord bot's userphone command.
Our primary server is Echoes: Anarchy ( Skyblock is our second-oldest server. There are seven different island types you can choose to survive on, all of which are on display at the server's spawn area. After you've logged in, type !spawn to visit spawn. You can type !island to generate a new island at any time. Unlike on other Skyblock worlds, here you may build your islands out as far as you'd like to go. Generated structures like villages, strongholds, and pillager outposts still spawn. Hacks are allowed, so you may either fly to these structures or bridge out to them.


We brand ourselves as a network of different servers. New concepts for multiplayer worlds are always on our minds, but Echoes: Anarchy is our core server, and will never close. Some other servers of ours are listed below:
  • We have a normal anarchy world (,
  • We're working on recreating Galacticraft, The Aether, and the Twilight Forest in Vanilla minecraft on our fourth server, Echoes: Modded ( However, Echoes: Modded is currently closed to the public,
  • And for a long time now, we've been working on recreating the Fallout video game series within Minecraft on a fifth server (, but this is currently incomplete and is closed to the public.
When you login, you'll notice there are a lot of commands. All of these are implemented entirely in Vanilla Minecraft. A bot (_saltshaker) executes some Minecraft commands and a series of different programs we've written whenever he sees someone type a command in chat. Here are some important ones you'll want to try out when you login:
  • !help : this gives you the welcome book and a link to view all available commands;
  • !island <island type> : this command generates a new island for you to play on. Typing just !island will generate a classic skyblock island, but there are seven other types to choose from; type !island snow to spawn on a snowy island, or !island hard for an ultra-difficult skyblock experience.
  • !discord : this posts an invite to our Discord in chat;
  • !sethome <number> : using this command, you can set up to 10 homes. Donors may set up to 30 homes. Delete a home with !delhome <number>. Teleport to a home using !home <number>;
  • !rules : use this command to view our (2) rules at any time;
  • !tpa <username> : use this to teleport to other players;
  • !dailies : this command can only be executed once every 8hrs. When executed, you receive rewards for playing;
  • !vote : use this to vote for the server and receive voting rewards. There are over 500 potential rewards, from red mushrooms to sharpness X swords, from nametags to end portal frames!
  • !topic set <message> : set the server "topic" (a message all players see when they login) to whatever you'd like;
  • !bio set <message> : set your "bio" so other players can get to know you. Type !bio <username> to view someone else's biography;
  • !seen <username> : view someone's last login date.


We host competitions where the reward is some prize of monetary value (a month of Discord Nitro, an Amazon gift card, etc) on a regular basis, approximately once every other month. Anyone is welcome to participate, but you are required to sign up on our Discord beforehand, as the competition servers are whitelisted.
If you'd like to help us decide on the theme for our next event, you can click here to view the strawpoll we've set up. Please choose two options, no more, no less.
The available options are as follows;
  1. A UHC game hosted on a copy of spawn from Echoes: Anarchy, or hosted on this map we found on Planet Minecraft;
  2. A songwriting competition wherein teams of 2-4 players must compose ad-hoc music using noteblocks, and a panel of judges will choose a winner based on who's created the best song.
  3. A Minecraft dog-fighting competition. Players will be given a series of potions, traps, and other utilities for the purpose of aiding their dogs in winning the fight or hindering other dogs.


Our Discord is where most of the action happens. We're a tight-knit community yet we remain warm and friendly to newcomers. A sense of humor goes a long way. Our voice chats are used occasionally (typically during events or competitions), and we have a Discord-based movie club wherein we watch a movie or TV series a few times a week. No sign-up is required for this. We have an extensive treasure trove of copypastas archived in our #copypastas channel, and a Discord version of _saltshaker to mirror all of his in-game commands.


We may be an anarchy server, but we're not about being mean or destroying other players' builds. If you would like the freedom to do as you please, and yet harbor respect for others even when you're not required to do so, Echoes: Skyblock is definitely the server for you.

- The Echoes Staff

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