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Echoes Website - useful for finding donation info, a catalogue of all PvP-related deaths, a catalogue of all players who've joined Echoes, and basic information on the server.
Echoes Discord - join our Discord to meet our community!

About the Server

If you're struggling to find a server where you fit in, the Echoes community is the place for you.
Ever since our group's inception in mid-2017, we've been committed to providing a community for those without community. The Echoes staff have a hands-off moderation style that appeals to players who dislike servers with gameplay too heavily modified from normal vanilla Minecraft. With that said, Echoes servers feature many commands found on Spigot or Bukkit worlds, implemented entirely in vanilla, with the help of our unique bots, _saltshaker and DiscordRelay. You can view all of _saltshaker's commands by clicking here.
_saltshaker and DiscordRelay are updated constantly to bring in new features. Try out the brand new !melon and !unmelon commands when you login! Additionally, a third bot called RoamingChatBot is in development. This bot will, when summoned, join a random Minecraft server and establish a two-way chat between Echoes Survival and that server, similar in principle to the Yggdrasil Discord bot's userphone command.

How Do We Differ From Other Servers?

Echoes Specters provides a unique style of gameplay not too far removed from vanilla. First of all, there is a world border 20,000 blocks out from spawn, conforming to the boundaries of a very beautiful worldpainter map by Valjeta-Dawn. The map is called Theia, and you can download it here. The server runs on this map, and fire spread and mob griefing are disabled to preserve the world. Second, all players are invisible, except for a trail of purple particles at their feet. A resource pack to add wind and ambient forest noises is planned for the future. It's our hope that this ambiance provides a unique survival experience for everyone to login.


  1. Don't intentionally lag/crash the server;
  2. Don't doxx anybody;
  3. Don't use a hacked client (optifine and minimap are OK);
  4. Don't grief or steal.

If you're not doing any of these three things, you can do whatever your heart desires. The rules on our discord are virtually the same (the only difference is that excessive spam isn't allowed). Bans are reset on a bi-monthly basis. Over 13,000 unique players have logged into Echoes servers since we started hosting them in 2017. Come check us out!

Echoes: Theia
Server Information
Echoes: Theia
Discord Link
Registration DateNovember 21, 2019
Last Pingedabout 1 month ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.14.4
CategoriesSurvivalAdventureNewSMPSurvival RPGRPG
CountryUnited States of America flag
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