MUH.GG Semi-Vanilla PvE Survival

MUH.GG Semi-Vanilla PvE Survival

MUH.GG Semi-Vanilla PvE Survival ip:

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This server is meant for Minecraft players who want to quickly jump in and play with friends / solo in a as close to possible vanilla Minecraft experience with grief protections and land claiming. We also have random teleport RTP to get you into the wild if you prefer building away from everyone else.

Bees will be generated on existing world chunks!

This is a semi-vanilla experience with only essential commands.

The difficulty is set to normal and there is no PvP.

Join us on Discord at:

We have no white/grey list but maintain a ban list and use Matrix Anti-Cheat, CoreProtect Grief Prevention.

Players will be given a standard set of tools on spawn and only half of the online players are required to go to sleep to trigger a switch to morning.

There is a real time map of the server at

You can expect a very responsive / lag-free experience and near perfect up-time as we are running on a dedicated server.

MUH.GG Semi-Vanilla PvE Survival
Server Information
Discord Link
Registration DateDecember 08, 2019
Last Pinged6 months ago
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Version 1.15.2
CategoriesPVESurvivalNeed StaffSemi VanillaNo premium
CountryCanada flag
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