Exentric network

Exentric network

Exentric network ip: play.exentricmc.com

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Bungee Network We currently have our amazing Factions (Nuclear Fallout) Server as our main gamemode. Survive nukes, acid rain and much more while growing you faction to reach the /f top! Our second server Skyblock… Using OP cobblestone generators to grow your island with some interesting perks for free including /fly!

Some people would like to know what you get when you join for free, so we will tell you! Bellow is a list of what default rank gets however you can also get the first three ranks for free from voting, crates or /shop in-game.

Commands (For Default)
Our Default rank has access to tons of other permissions and commands, to make your experience here fantastic!
It's got /tpa, /warp, msg, /shop, /ah sell, /sell and tons more!

Other ranks that can be found on /buy give you other perks such as: /fly, Chat Color, MSG color, /hat, /skull, /cosmetics, /trails and much, much more!


Our server has a ton of fantastic plugins for you all to enjoy as well! These include...


  •          SlimeFun
  •          McMMO
  •          Factions
  •          Essentials
  •          WorldGuard
  •         CoreProtect
  •          NoCheatPlus
  •         Minions
  •          CratesReloaded
  •          HeadDrops
  • And Many more!


If you have any other questions, just give us a visit! Our staff and players are more than happy to answer any questions, and help with anything you might need!

So why wait?
Come join Exentric Network Today!

IP: play.exentricmc.com:25593

Have Fun!

Exentric network
Server Information
Exentric network IPplay.exentricmc.com
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/jcmx4mr
Registration DateJanuary 01, 2020
Last Pinged18 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.15
CategoriesEconomyFactionsSkyblockMCMMONeed StaffOP Skyblock
CountryUnited States of America flag