DestinyPvP - Factions Tropic Cloud

DestinyPvP - Factions Tropic Cloud

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Welcome to DestinyPvP!

Home to popular content creators like Bawble and spearheaded by popular Minecraft youtuber Dazzer, DestinyPvP is a new network that will eventually expand with more exciting gamemodes and incentives in the future.

Our Tropic Cloud expansion is a bug-free 20 TPS Minecraft 1.8+ good ol' Factions server. With bosses, 1.7 TNT and PvP mechanics, outposts, KoTH, a custom economy, built around a Spigot server optimized for factions gameplay, our server is bound to be one of the best Factions servers you've ever played on!

For more information, join our Discord server:

DestinyPvP - Factions Tropic Cloud
Server Information
Discord Link
Registration DateJanuary 08, 2020
Last Pinged7 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.8
CategoriesParkourPVPSkyblockSkywarsNeed StaffEconomyFactionsLobbySurvivalMCMMO
CountryUnited States of America flag