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(An up to date survival experience) Custom GUI Menus – Almost everything is controlled through menus

Menus Ranks – 5 donators ranks with different permissions and kits Spoiler: Ranks Preview kits – Preview each kit using the /previewkit command Dynamic Shop –

A balanced GUI shop with balanced, fluctuating prices based on the demand and stock of an item (realistic market)

Dynamic Shops 4x Crates – Keys can be found in-game as well as being sold online

Crates Particles – Particles can be found around spawn Clearlag – Custom messages Grief Prevention -

Fully configured with messages CombatTag Custom Enchantments – Many custom enchantments with extras

Custom Enchantments Silkspawners – Spawners can be mined by players using silk touch Auction House –

Players can auction their items on the market Vote system Trading system Tags –

Many tags to choose from NPC's - The server is filled with interactive NPC's Spoiler: NPC's Pets –

A unique pet system that allows players to control their pets they find Random Teleport – G

et far away from other players Custom mobs – Custom mobs spawn throughout the world Furniture –

Custom furniture can be found throughout spawn such as campfire etc.

Furniture Scoreboard & MOTD – Players can track their stats and balance by viewing the scoreboard Spoiler: Scoreboard Merchants –

Merchants can be used to purchase crate keys and a rank making the server less pay to win Daily rewards Beautiful custom spawn with NPC’s

Mystic Kittens
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Mystic Kittens
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Version 1.15.1
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