Trondheims Gjengen - Engineer's Life

Trondheims Gjengen - Engineer's Life

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Introducing modpack, based around progression-through-ages system, but without strict restriction, only with changed recipes. You start in the stone age, gathering flint and grass to make your first equipment. You slowly evolve and can built more complex structures like Coke Oven. Then the Mechanical age begins - you can now try to build you first machines based on mechanical power... and thats just a beginning...

There are over 500 quests to guide you from Stone age to Digital age.


I - Stone age

In this age you need to make a shelter, set up basic food production, build coke oven and set up charcoal production with fire pit

II - Mechanical AgeBetter with Mods

During this age you will learn how does mechanical power works in this pack, learn how to do better tools from different parts, begin to smelt iron and steel in kiln and blast furnace

III - Industrial AgeImmersive Engineering

This Age will bring you RF energy production, make multiblock factories for better ores processing

IV - Agricultural ExpansionForestry

Age of full farming automatization - multiblock farms, green energy

V - Industrial RevolutionTechreborn

More advanced stuff like rolling machines, multiblock saw, industrial blast furnace, pipes and better RF energy storage

VI - Digital AgeRefined Storage

You will learn how to store items digitally - get rid of those chests!

This modpack focused on three main aspects:

processingBWM, IE, Techreborn
storageRefined storage.

And secondary modulesfor having fun:

transportationsignals mod
explorationdungeons and dimensions
combatnew mobs and weapons
revamped hunger mechanic you need to cook different food
misc quality of life modsQuark, tweaks.

My goal was to make modpack as light as possible adding only necessary mods and cut out mods with similar features. To find a balance and encourage players to use everyor almost at least machine from every mod, so I changed many recipes but tried to make them as balanced as possible.


guided progressionover 500 quests - it will help you if youre new or challenge you if you already know most mods
custom balanced recipes
custom buildings in villages
realistic terrain generation that will inspire you to build with more passion
age-based progression systemstone, mechanical, industrial, digital ages
immersive-looking functional machines from Windmills to multi-block Blast furnaces
carefully handpicked and filtered mods. You wont be overhelmed with same features from different mods but you will have everything you need.
modular tools and armor
‎tired of tech staff? Go explore! Dungeons and Twilight forest awaits!
‎no magic overpowered staff.

Trondheims Gjengen - Engineer's Life
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