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The Nether and the End are at war.

Having crossed over through portals laid throughout the world, the two factions are locked in a gruelling conflict for the Overworld and its vast amount of resources. Offering recruitment to the various people of Minecraftia, the Templars of the End and the Warlocks of the Nether extend their hand, their assets, and their resources to you. Join one, fight the other side, strip the Overworld bare, donate to your cause, and claim victory over the other in different regions across the world.


Two Factions!: Join either the Warlocks of the Nether or the Templars of the End. Both come with their own hub, kits, shop, and quirks (to be added)!

Contribute!: The main object of the server is to bring back resources for your faction to use in their war effort. You can donate things such as coal, rotten flesh, diamond, gunpowder, and gold. Donating will reward you with money, as well as reward your team with more contribution! At the end of every month, the faction with the most contributions wins!

Anarchy Overworld!: Since both sides are locked in war and resources are required, devastation will surely follow suit. Templars vs Warlocks has a complete anarchy Overworld where anything goes! Build bases, destroy bases, ruin the world, create 1x1 holes for people to fall in, do whatever (so long as it doesn't affect those in your faction)!

Also, since is it possible for the map to be unplayable in the span of a few days, the map will reset at the end of every month with a new biome type voted upon by the two sides!

Templars vs Warlocks
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Registration DateFebruary 15, 2020
Last Pingedabout 2 months ago
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Version 1.15.2
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