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Zero Gravity Gaming's Minecraft Server is a world that's designed to have a vanilla feel with a few added extras

This is a multi-world environment, where once you've built and mined to your hearts content you can enter a new landscape. A completely different world where it's always night and there are much harder mobs.

Zombies that make other zombies, the evil versions of Silverfish and Endermites, Wither Skeletons that are always too close for comfort, a Queen Bee that sends reinforcements if attacked and a truly UnBearable kind of mob that sends you flying as well as so much more.

Venture out to the far reaches of this world to meet the bosses, powerful mobs that will truly be a challenge unless you are well prepared and equipped with very strong armour, potions and weapons. 

These are tough challenges but the rewards are well worth it, with drops such as Baby Zombie Shoes, custom craftable armour and gemstones that power up your items to make them stronger as well as exclusive armour and weapons from each boss with it's own abilities to become even stronger.

All of this plus the following

- Start with free bread and torches to get you on your way

- PVP arena for more organised fights

- Lockable chests

- Custom Traders

- Multiple Homes

- Player Heads

- Mine spawners with just a diamond pickaxe

- Completely Non-P2W

Zero Gravity Gaming
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Registration DateFebruary 16, 2020
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Version 1.15.2
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