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Republic City is a Family-Friendly roleplay server. We strive to make your roleplay experience as fun and realistic as possible! Players of all ages and background are welcomed. 


❖ Rake in that sweet cash, by mining or running your own business!

❖ Over 100+ Luxurious Houses and Apartments to choose from

❖ Use your cash to buy cool items at the mall 

❖ Tons of fun places (Carnival, Movie Theater, Large Park, Tropical Beach, etc.)

❖ Free Voting Rewards ($1,800,000 in-game prize pool) (Join our discord server, for more info)

❖ Exclusive special events! Hosted by staff, where we give free in-game $$$ and Food


Try out some of our mini-games.....

❖ Leap through our EXTREME parkour course (Very challenging, only a true pro can beat it)

❖ Fight for glory, at our boxing-themed PVP ARENA! 

❖ Test your wits, in the maze runner. (4 Puzzling Levels) 


Republic City
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Republic City
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Registration DateMarch 08, 2020
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Version 1.14.30
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