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IP: ExploreKraft.ML 1.8.9-1.15
Discord: discord.gg/Bx4atNR
Website: https://explorekraft.ml/
Store: store.ExploreKraft.ML

ExploreKraft is a growing Minecraft Server with:

Ranks! Crates! Pets! And MORE!

We Also Have Unique Gamemodes Such As…..

Earth Towny - Classic Gamemode - 1:1000 Scale of Earth in Minecraft with Custom Features such as Vehicles, Spawners, and more! Towny also has a balanced economy and many establishments. 

Earth Factions 1.16 - In Development - A 1:366.5 Scale of Earth in Minecraft 1.16 Factions! Create factions with your friends, climb the leaderboards and conquer the world.

Skyblock - Classic Gamemode - Skyblock Reimagined with Quests, Crates, and Crystals. Explore the Deep Cave at Spawn and Discover the Shop, Spawners and Spider Den. Expand your island alone or with friends and become Island Top.

Creative - In Development - Have a private island to express your creative ideas, build together and make new friends. Test your redstone and building ideas in this classic gamemode.

PitPVP - In Development - A unique PvP-PvE game. Party with your friends and challenge other players to duel. Build a team and destroy the challenging mobs. Gain levels and rule the throne.

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Server Information
ExploreKraft IPExploreKraft.ML
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/Bx4atNR
Registration DateMarch 09, 2020
Last Pinged21 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.15
CategoriesPVPSkyblockSkywarsCapture The FlagCreativeEconomyFactionsMinigamesPVETowny
CountryUnited States of America flag