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E-Public is a towny and economy server for players of all ages. We aim to create a safe environment supporting a challenging survival mode, packed with quests and a variety of hidden secrets to find.


In order to assist your progression, we have implemented auctioning systems, lottery, loot crates and shops (all using your in-game currency).


In addition to the above, you can also find other players with whom you can fairly trade items. We love seeing this on our server as it is a prime example of the community activity we want to encourage.


Towny is a huge part of our server, it allows players to claim and protect their land - feel free to request to join an existing town, make your own or start one with a friend. We’ve found that the more friends you bring, the more fun you’ll have!


For those that want a minecraft experience not too different from the norm, we have added a selection of jobs. These roles can be filled easily with just the press of a button and allows the player to earn money passively


Alongside the survival economy, you can also become a proud owner of one of our Skyblocks. You have the option to browse our exclusive shops designed specifically for Skyblock players and fill your inventory with a variety of items, some of which are physically impossible to obtain through playing the Skyblock normally.


We reward players for voting on the server and host a range of custom events weekly. We started E-Public as a group of friends that enjoy playing Minecraft together, so we implemented a discord server, a creative world and a brand-new hunger games plugin to make it easier for players to experience E-Public together.


Currently we are looking for builders to help us expand our vast maps for the aforementioned hunger games. They can be a bit daunting for one or two builders to tackle alone, so we’re allowing committed community members to help us craft these worlds. Should this seem a bit too big a job, we also encourage builders to create their own smaller-scale projects in our creative plots. This allows us to transfer them into the hunger games maps to create a collaborative experience that feels organic - we want our players to know that their work matters.


We have a playtime-based rank system that rewards players at all levels with honours such as new warping privileges, XP, in-game currency and much more. These can all be unlocked by simply climbing the E-Public social ladder.


Highly dedicated players may also gain access to our remarkable VIP zone, which overlooks the impromptu fights that may occur in our PVP arena. Feel free to join in with /warp pvp if you’re feeling lucky.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our new server, and we look forward to seeing you on E-Public!

Server Information
E-Public IPe-public.co.uk
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/hZdCUVg
Registration DateMarch 18, 2020
Last Pinged7 minutes ago
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Version 1.16.4
CategoriesHunger GamesParkourPVPSkyblockSmallCreativeEconomySurvivalTownySemi Vanilla
CountryUnited Kingdom flag
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