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Server IP: lostcraftreborn.com:25565
Server Version: 1.15.2
Server Style: Factions, economy based survival
Server plugins and features: Factions, mcMMO, jobs, player shops, homes, bloodmoon, and more

Server Website: LostcraftReborn
Useful Starter guide: Quick Start Guide
Why LostCraft?:

LostCraft Reborn is a modern alternative to the massive 400 player communities with 15 servers and 73.2 minigames. With a small but growing playerbase, I've invested myself into creating a community experience, not just an A.D.D riddled minigames lobby. Dedicated to never being a pay to win server, there is currently no donation process at all. Ranks are achieved through simply playing the game.

One thing that Lostcraft Reborn does differently is move the focus from pure raiding and pvp to a focus on survival and economy. Raiding is a part of the game and is allowed. However, for those who wish to remain the Switzerland of factions, a request for peaceful status makes them immune to pvp and raiding. This allows factions that wish to be a warring band to do so but only against others who choose that same path, while allowing peaceful factions to grow their lands without harassment

Hardware. Minecraft these days is painfully unoptimized. Running a successful server on a tiny shared hosting package just isn't feasible. LCR runs on an i7 7700 dedicated machine with 32GB ram. Minecraft isn't using all of this ram but it's there when I need it. Running on an SSD, disk write speeds and chunk loading are smooth. With a 1G/sec port, based in New York, I've been able to offer players from the UK to the netherlands, to california in the us, a solid stable connection and ping.

With an integrated server, website and discord, we offer an experience you're not likely to get elsewhere. Drop by. Be part of a new community.

LostCraft Reborn
Server Information
LostCraft Reborn IPlostcraftreborn.com
Registration DateApril 04, 2020
Last Pingedless than a minute ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.15.2
CountryUnited States of America flag