Burg Kurg

Burg Kurg

Burg Kurg ip: BurgKurg.serv.gs

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Burg Kurg is a fun, chill, and neat SMP and Creative server! Join us and see what the fun's all about at BurgKurg.serv.gs! 

Our SMP world is very straight forward: begin your expedition from the epic Burg Kurg building, find a neat spot, and build your house! Save your location with /sethome, and use /home to return. You can also save the location of mines, dungeons, nether fortresses, you name it! /Back allows you to return to your previous location or death point. Log in each day to claim your Daily Reward! Finally, PVP is on but it's all in fun; slay that trucker and leave (See our server site or spawn for details).

In Creative, you're offered 3 HUGE 128x128 plots to build on! Construct anything from a sushi roll to an attic.

We also offer Donor perks; donate to get access to neat features like Advanced daily rewards, more /homes in Survival, and more plots in creative. Donors also can set a nickname with /nick!

What are you waiting for? Join BurgKurg.serv.gs NOW!

Burg Kurg
Server Information
Burg Kurg IPBurgKurg.serv.gs
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/2VFmcvS
Registration DateApril 05, 2020
Last Pinged1 minute ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.15
CountryCanada flag