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Short summary: 

Steelton is a hard, semi-vanilla survival server. PVP, raiding, and griefing are allowed. However, players are given the ability to create land claims in order to protect themselves, builds, and items. 

"Minecraft back to its roots - friendly players and a dedicated team" 

General Information:

Certain ranks (see the Ranking section for more info) have access to limited creative mode, and staff members have access to unrestricted creative.The server's difficulty is set to hard. This means you will find lots of mobs and death by starvation is possible. Plan accordingly! The server is semi-vanilla. This means you can expect something similar to vanilla Minecraft. However, certain plugins are used to make a server player experience and make server management easier for the staff team. For more information about non-vanilla plugins and features, refer to the Plugin and feature section.There are a number of rules, which we enforce to ensure a safe, fair, and fun environment for everyone. For more information, please check the Rules section, or type / rules in game.PVP, raiding, and griefing are all allowed. Players are encouraged to protect their builds and items from raiding and griefing by claiming them using our claims system (see the Plugin and feature information section). PVP is disabled. Spawn Town and all Claims.

Client-side modification exceptions: 

Modifications that are cosmetic and / or do not give you unfair advantage over other players (Optifine, minimaps, etc.) are allowed. In general, it's better than sorry - if you are unsure, ask the owner or staff! 

Guidelines and etiquette:

Keep in mind that our server has a very diverse player base, with many parts of the world represented. Treat everyone with respect, regardless of your personal relationship with them. Making new friends to the server is a great way to make new friends and contribute to the growth of our community! Greeting new players is not a requirement, but refrain from acting in a manner that is acting on the server. Avoid immaturity.Staff members will occasionally ask for feedback and input from members of the community. Do not hesitate to contact us with your feedback. 

Special rules and guidelines for creative mode players:Certain ranks have access to a limited form of creative mode. More information about this mode, as well as rules and guidelines did apply to thesis players, can be found in the Rank Guide section (look for supporter) 

Ranking up:

Use / warp promotion - you want to be ranked up automatically. 

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Registration DateFebruary 01, 2017
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Version 1.15
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