Abyssrite ip: mc.abyssrite.com

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Come join to experience our survival GriefPrevention/Towny Server! [Premium][Non-Cracked][Legit][Hiring]

This is an SMP server. What sets us apart is that our players, you, determine what plugins we add. From our discord you can list your suggestion.

****Now Hiring up to 8 Additional Moderators***Players Requested****

Current plugins: Auction House, Crazy Enchantments, mcMMO, Player Vaults, Silky Spawners, Towny, Grief Prevention, ViaVersion and more!

Our server attracts the OG players of Minecraft. If you have a discord, type /discord in-game to get a link to join the community off-line!

You can expect a community of peers that share similar interests to you because we are all gamers. Join today and join a town or create your own.

Welcome to our new server, Abyssrite! Tutorial for Abyssrite.com

Step 1. Read the rules. All of them, follow them, and you will have a good time on the server.

Step 2. Build a house anywhere in the wild outside of spawn. As long as it says you are leaving spawn, you may build there. Mob griefing is turned off and so are Phantoms. You may claim your area with /claim or a golden shovel using Grief Prevention or by using /town ? Towny to create a new town.

Step 3. Get a Job. Command: /jobs browse /jobs join job name /jobs leave job name

Step 4. Level up your McMMO skills.

Step 5. Check out our discord where we have new recipes with never before seen items Vanilla items with different stats and names https://discord.gg/TCuCf6v - When you get there, say hello in general!

Step 6. If you have skill and want to be staff, you may apply too on the discord.

Step 7. Donate to the server. Command: /buy Purchase a rank and stand out, get a nice kit, be better than others.

Step 8. Invite your friends.

Server Information
Abyssrite IPmc.abyssrite.com
Registration DateApril 11, 2020
Last Pinged20 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.15.4
CountryUnited States of America flag