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This is project was created because we had too much time on our hands during the Corona Virus outbreak. The whole goal is find out what will happen if we gave everyone essentially OP and let it run for few months. 

This project permits one to experiment with "Staff Commands" you could test out commands, issue commands to fellow players, abuse? Well, there are essentially no rules on the server and we expect you to abuse your commands. 

This project also has a built in progressive play time reward, the more you play the more commands you get. Eventually you will reach a certain amount of hours and you will no doubt be on par with the Owners via permissions. 

There are Essentially NO RULES so you can do as you please.

Have Fun!

Aboose Craft
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Aboose Craft IP75.127.13.226:65415
Registration DateApril 12, 2020
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Version 1.15.2
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