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Vallendia Arena - MMORPG KitPvP Server Upgrades, Classes, Abilities

Vallendia is a project that weve been working on for a while now. The idea started as a survival RPG server inspired by Dungeons Dragons, but since then weve temporarily switched over to a smaller-scale minigame. This server is still inspired by DND, but is now similar to a kitpvp server that has kits or classes which all have their pros and cons. In the game, players kill other players and custom monsters to gain points that you can use as currency to purchase over 100 custom coded abilities and spells. Abilities vary based on your class and you can mix and match however you want be an assassin that sticks to the shadows or a mage blasting artillery from a distance! You can also use these points to purchase upgrades to stats such as health, speed, damage, and more. As you gain more points and upgrades, you will gain levels which show just how powerful you are. Your level also determines how many points you gain for killing and lose for dying. Currently the server is in whitelist and we are working on a few things before we release alpha. Join and help build our community now!

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Vallendia Arena
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Vallendia Arena
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