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Heres some other information you might want to know:Version: PaperSpigot 1.15.2 ViaVersion backwards compatible. Join with your preferred game version

Unique Server Features:
- Epic Terrain Generation. Great for builders.
- Graves spawn when you die holding your stuff
- WildTP to find a place to build quickly and easily
- Golden Shovel Land Claim System. Protect your stuff, earn more claim blocks the longer you play
- Spawn City actively being worked on that will provide key features like shops, blacksmiths, and enchanting areas.
- Live Map system to see where you are and view the world map. https://map.thethundership.com
- Play Time tracking with leaderboards
- Gain more features and upgraded rank just by being an active member of the community
- Community discord to stay connected and provide feedback
- Outposts/villages/warps will be added throughout the world over time in order to provide an ever-growing world and and provide a story
- you can choose to build around this villages/posts or go do your own thing far away and never see anyone.
- More features will be added over time as suggestions come in and/or as we complete them. Our goal is to provide the best fun experience we can for vanilla players while removing some of the annoyances of pure vanilla. As such we have plans to eliminate some things like fall damage and creeper explosions. This will be updated as those decisions are made.

- No widespread terraforming without permission. AKA dont go flattening 1000x1000 areas. If you need to terraform your area thats fine, just dont ruin the landscape for others.
- Respect the space of other players
- If you are concerned about your stuff/builds, use Grief Prevention. But Griefing/Thiefing is still not allowed at all and will be met with a ban. This server is for building not a normal survival server
- Lag Machines are not allowed

If you want to see the Map, go to our website and click map.

Server Information
ZephCraft IPplay.zephcraft.com
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/CBn3Hr7
Registration DateMay 19, 2020
Last Pinged14 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.15.2
CountryCanada flag
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