PonyLandMC ip: ponylandmc.my.pebble.host

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About The Server

- PonyLandMC is a semi-vanilla survival server.

- We have many unique features surrounding our horse themed twist such as: teams, land claiming, horse claiming and player shops.

- There are a wide variety of things to do on this server such as building your own house and barn to suit your style, creating a successful and thriving riding team, breeding and competing the best horses, mining and farming for items to sell for in-game money.

- This server is completely kid-friendly with a zero-tolerance policy for profane or inappropriate content.

- We have a very professional and competent staff team who are dedicated to making the server an enjoyable and engaging experience for all our players.

- To enhance your entertaining experience on the server you can also purchase a rank from our online web store which can grant you a wide variety of perks and in-game rewards.

- Alongside this you can purchase in-game money or claim blocks which are both vital factors on the server. - We have a very friendly and welcoming community with a very helpful player base to get you or a friend started on our server.

- We are always happy to answer any questions regarding the server or help to solve any issues that may arise, never be afraid to either ask the chat for server based questions, /mail an admin, make a ticket on our discord or for any urgent issues you can do @admin in the server chat followed by a summary of the problem.

- The server IP address, email address and discord are listed below. For any further questions regarding the server please send us an email or dm an admin through our discord.

- Remember to have fun <3

IP - ponylandmc.my.pebble.host

Email - PonyLandMC@gmail.com

Discord - https://discord.gg/3nmgqb7

Website - https://ponylandmc.tebex.io/

- The PonyLandMC Team

Server Information
PonyLandMC IPponylandmc.my.pebble.host
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/9Gf5CPx
Registration DateJune 21, 2020
Last Pinged6 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.15.2
CategoriesRoleplaySmallFunEconomySurvivalGoodSemi VanillaCommunitySurvival RPGHorse
CountryIreland flag