Averna✦Steampunk Medieval RPG✦$Build Comp$✦Space Factions

Averna✦Steampunk Medieval RPG✦$Build Comp$✦Space Factions

Averna✦Steampunk Medieval RPG✦$Build Comp$✦Space Factions ip: mc.avernarpg.com

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Averna RPG

Build competition and how to take part:

Averna will now be doing build competitions to help speed up the development of the server. We are a small team so any builds created by the community help a ton!

Main Details at:https://avernarpg.com/threads/8/Theme:The theme of this competition is mechs, golems  ents.Use your creativity! You could build terrain around the build, have it half-buried or ruined, have a mech carrying a small town... anything! If you can think it, make it! We highly recommend using WorldEdit for this competition to help with large structures!How to take part:Firstly make a forum account. Then join the build server through the portal in the Hub!


1st: 15  MVP+

2nd: 10 MVP+

3rd: 5 MVP+

4th: MVP+

5th: MVP

The Server:

The main RPG server is for staff only while we build, code, and test! However, the build server is open!

All players get access to world edit! Want to help us make this server? If so you can join the build server now! Any builds we use will be rewarded with in-game loot, ranks, and boosters! If you make multiple builds that we think are amazing you will be invited to the build team!-

The Story/Theme:

Set in the world of Averna, civilisation is on the brink of an industrial steam revolution. For over 500 years technology regressed as the vast majority of civilisation was wiped out from the previous Desolation. An event with limited historical accounts.

The industrial revolution is pushed by the discovery of ancient relics from the society wreaked by the previous Desolation. The discovery of these technologies has pushed different empires across Averna to fight for more land, in the hope to obtain more relics and thus, advance their own technological power.

As conflicts start across Averna, so does a new threat, signs of another Desolation. Will you discover the secrets of the Desolation, or will you become caught in the fight for power and wealth?

The Features:

AvernaRPG is a player-driven RPG, allowing you to choose your own story. Choose what life you want. Discover the secrets of the Desolation and fight its growing influence over Averna. Clear dungeons, fight bosses and level your character to increase your power. With a built-in party system to play with friends.Fight for your Empire through our dynamic territory system. Our custom Empire plugin allows players to fight over territories on the frontlines of each empire. Claiming more territories brings in a range of benefits such as increased passive income from taxation. However, PvP is optional and if you prefer to stay in the PvE experience you can.Buy a house within Averna, allowing you to customise your player housing, create your own shops, own a country farm, or live in the densely populated streets of the capital.

Create guilds, build your guild house, and increase your influence over Averna.Discover ancient ruins and unlock the power of the technology you may find within them.A custom 3D item resource pack adding extra depth to the already immersive world of Averna.

A highly customised mob, boss and dungeon system, make sure you are prepared and always expect the unexpected from PvE.

And much, much more...-​

Averna✦Steampunk Medieval RPG✦$Build Comp$✦Space Factions
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