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Woogle Central

Woogle Central ip: play.wooglecentral.com

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Welcome to our community! We are a space-themed, classic 1.8 Factions server and we want to provide the most competitive feeling there is with plenty of content to play, including seasonal events such as our brand new Solstice event for the summer holidays!

There are 200+ Quests to complete which give very good rewards & tons of warzone events! Custom mobs will spawn randomly to surprise you in every way possible...

You will gain daily rewards to constantly feel like you're gaining power! Engage in exciting battles to conquer the various outposts around the warzone to earn more rewards throughout your playtime as well!

Woogle Central
Server Information
Woogle Central IPplay.wooglecentral.com
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/a7wTQb5
Registration DateJune 27, 2020
Last Pingedless than a minute ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.8.8
CategoriesPVPRoleplaySmallEconomyFactionsPVESurvivalMCMMOSpaceSurvival RPG
CountryUnited States of America flag