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Mugcraft Survival 1.15

Mugcraft survival is a new survival server currently on beta, for the first week or two
Mugcraft survival is pretty close to vanilla survival but with a few added things like
land claims, sethomes, warps & ranks to get people started. But has beta comes to an end
allot of changes will be made, we will be adding a list of things to the server (list below)

I am making this survival for how all the players want it, you tell me what you would like
and i will try and add it to make it the best server for everyone :)

Features in Mugcraft or that are being added to Mugcraft:

- Economy
- Shops
- Sell Chests
- Sell Wands
- Minions
- Pets
- Mines
- Mine Lootboxes
- More Crates
- Player Shops
- Vote Rewards
- Vote Top Monthly Payout (Buycraft)
- /Lands top Payout (Buycraft)
- In Game Rewards (daily)
- Quests
- All Seasons crate items from crates
- PvP Rewards
- And Many More!

We look forward to seeing you and helping Mugcraft grow into a well like, well spoken server.

Join Mugcraft Survival for the best survival around, adding new things each week to keep it fresh!
Beta is starting off as normal survival with claims, but along them way eco alot more are being added.

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Registration DateJune 28, 2020
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Version 1.15
CountryUnited Kingdom flag