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BlockCraft is a brand new 1.16.1 Java server. It will develop to be a tight knitted community consisting of other mature Minecraft players. As this will be a community server ideas are welcomed but for now it will be a semi vanilla server until we come up with ideas for the server. Till we understand as a community where we want the server to become it will be a place to survive, build and share our experiences.

About me

I have been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.5 and have always been the survival and exploration type of person. Recently started to pick up redstone and more in depth of the game mechanics. But I really need to work on my creativity skills first. I bring to the server a weird personality and a mission to gather and supply items and blocks so everyone can accomplish their ideas. With a return in diamonds


And add me on discord TxRedneck#8059

2 Requirements

Must be 18 or older and please be mature.


5 Basic Rules

  1. No Stealing
  2. No Griefing
  3. No Politics (I don't care nor does no one else. This not some political debate server)
  4. Exploits/Duping ect. Makes no sense to me so let's not.
  5. Racism..... It's 2020. (Peace and love, peace and love! - Ringo Starr)

Server Info

Hosted in Dallas, Texas 8 gigs of ram and high performance cpu cores. Also daily backups.

Using fabric with Lithium and Phosphor for better server performance.


  1. Afk Display (Grays out username when not moving for 5 mins)
  2. Armour Statues (Used for decorations)
  3. Double Shulker Shells (Killing a shulker drops 2 shells)
  4. More Mob Heads (Can get heads from more mobs)
  5. Multiplayer Sleep (One player sleeps and skips the night for the whole server)
  6. Wandering Traders (Adds mini blocks to their trades, Removed hermit heads)

Can always add,edit or remove per the server community.

Block Craft
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Block Craft
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Version 1.16
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