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Corporeal Kingdoms is a realistic roleplaying server about building your kingdom from the ground up! Go from small town, to enormous empire, invite friends. attack other kingdoms, claim land and become stronger!

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Discord Server:

We focus on a fun experience for serious players! We respect everyone, and want everyone to have a enjoyable experience, The server is a great place to find new people and make friends! Griefing is not allowed, including in wars, where you may only break specific blocks. We encourage everyone to build amazing things!

We launched our server 24/6/2020, so we are fairly new. We have about 6-12 concurrent players in the evenings (European time) and would love to have our community grow even more!
Come join us! :)

Our Features:

- Custom Quests
- Full 1.16.1 support
- Custom Dungeons
- Land Claiming
- Community oriented
- Serious Players
- Build your Kingdom from Town to Empire
- Active Helpfull Staff
- Discord Community
- Enjin Community
- Realistic Tree Chopper
- And tons more, come check us out already!

got ideas for us to add? Come tell us! We are always looking for feedback and new things to add.

yeetSkeet woop
Server Information
yeetSkeet woop
Registration DateJuly 03, 2020
Last Pinged26 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.16.3
CountryNetherlands flag