FlexGames Cracked

FlexGames Cracked

FlexGames Cracked ip: Play.flexgames-mc.com

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Are you looking for a cracked server with a varied community, and players from all over the world ?

We got it !We offer not only cracked server, but also Survival, Creative, Skyblock and Games.
We love new members and meeting new and interesting people. Our server is hosted in Netherland, but we have players from Brasil, USA, India, China, Bulgaria, Norway - yes, all over.

We may not be huge with thousands of players; but we got a tight community.

At FlexGames we're open for everyone !
We don't discriminate on sex, skin, religion or community.Perhaps you're looking for a safespace for LGBT ?We got it!

Not only is half our staff female, but we have open and supportive members.

Do you enjoy survival PvP ? Why not try our Colosseum ? NEW! Now it even has a BOSS.
Fight the boss and win rare items, or maybe an elytra ?
/warp colosseum

We would love to see you online ! :)


FlexGames Cracked
Server Information
OwnerFlexGames Cracked
FlexGames Cracked IPPlay.flexgames-mc.com
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/XjP5tt2
Registration DateJuly 19, 2020
Last Pinged6 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.16.4
CountryNetherlands flag
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