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A unique take on the classic SkyBlock game mode.

Explore and interact with the main spawn like never before, all the action is in the city as you interact with other players, NPCs, and the city it self. SkyTown offers players a realistic and challenging gameplay for players to enjoy. Realistic economics, city services, interactive NPCs, and more coming soon. With future planed updates! Bringing new features, challenges, and more with every update.

SkyTown Features:

Select from 3 modified islands to begin your island adventure. Classic Island, L Shape Island, and SkyTown's Hard Island.
Don't forget to purchase your Island Build Permit from the Town Hall.

Fancy your luck? See what you can earn from our crates to aid your adventure. Vote crates available by earning a vote crate key from our vote rewards. Crate Keys available for purchase in our game store click here. Crates are located in the Train Station.

HeadData Base GUI
What's an island with no interior or exterior decorations. Missing that extra touch to complete your island? No worries! Full access to the HeadData Base GUI! Includes over 3000 Heads to decorate and take your islands to a new level! Categories such as; decorations, food, heads, animals, alphabet, and more!

Banner Maker GUI
We cant let you make an amazing island and not add a personal touch with a custom banner! With our custom banner you can create amazing banners to decorate your base or even sell in your personal shops!

Market Stall & SignShop
Rent A market stall and allow players to browse and purchase your items for Air Coins! Set your own items, prices, and amounts to suit your own needs. Keep an eye with the server's economics as they change on a random basis, and can be your ticket to some easy Air Coins!

Auction House
Step right up! Step right up! With Auction House you have another method of making money or even more for that matter. A global store for all players to browse and purchase items from other players base on demand, value and other factors. Remember to keep an eye out for random change in our server economics!

Internet Service Package
Traveling from the city back to your island to purchase items can be tiring, and take a hit on your wallet. Purchase the internet service package and have access to the internet shop at any time, in any place in the server!

Player Vaults
Store your most valuable items or the op weapon with zero worries of ever losing it! Personal player vaults ensures any items you place in there will be safe from anyone except your self, also ensures that it will be in your vault, next time you log in!

The classic RPG level system brings you a more immersive game play for you to enjoy. Earn and spend McMMO points with the GUIRedeemMcMMO point reward and redeem system. Earn bonus points from crates and use them to level specific traits, don't worry we wont tell anyone you didn't catch all those fish...

How To Play
Changing the way a game mode works is challenging and takes time to learn the new concept. No worries, we wrote a little guide in how to play SkyTown and you can learn more about the concept of SkyTown. Click on the link before.

Beta Teaser Trailer
Check out our Beta Teaser Trailer on YouTube!

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Version 1.16.3
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