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Welcome to SkyTown! A unique way to play SkyBlock, we added a mix of RPG elements and other gameplay enhancements to give you a more unique gameplay. Do more outside of your island, visit the main city to setup player shops, interact with players, find player activities and more! In our initial release we introduce the concept of SkyTown, with player feedback and in house development we are happy to introduce our first content update, The Mines & Money Update.  This new update introduces new changes to the spawn, we focused on player activities, creating a semi-open world experience, adding player public mines, and giving players more ways to earn money. Game play will now feel more immersive with new interactive NPCs, Quests, New Explorable Location, Player Mines, Player Cosmetics, Phone GUI, and more! 

Along with the new update we are also introducing a new currency system into our Discord (High Coins) which can be earned only in our Discord server and exchanged for Air Coins in game. A new chat channel will open in order to trade in your HC for AC.

Visit our Discord Server and get your free [Noble] rank upgrade for free! Stay for the giveaway events and win Nitro subscriptions, custom emojis, in game items, and more! Do not forget to participate in the QoW (Question of the Week), server events and more to win High Coins!

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