OMS Crazy Craft 4.0

OMS Crazy Craft 4.0

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OMS is newly made and is still in progress to add things on the server and in the Discord. This server runs Crazy Craft 4. If you are looking for a server with the randomized recipes unfortunately, This server is not the one for you. In OMS, the randomizer is turned off. There are really no mods in place to prevent certain actions at the moment but standard rules do apply.

ZERO Tolerance on:

Racism/Offensive language, Cheating/hacking. More rules will come as issues arise to keep the server suitable for long time players and newcomers.

Additional information: I stream on Twitch and the server has a very small player base from the community. The purpose of the server is to have a place for Minecraft lovers to play together, have fun and let the community grow. In the past I have had other servers but they did not work out and have been closed. This is the first time a public server will be promoted publicly for anyone to join on external sites. If you have questions, concerns and any kind of feedback you can join our communities Discord and ask in the Minecraft text room.

            (This will resolve the stuck login screen)

Step 1: Download VoidsWrath Launcher:

Step 2: Log in on VoidsWrath Launcher using your Minecraft log in.

Step 3: Locate the correct mod pack on the left-hand side. Click on CrazyCraft 4.

Step 4: Click PLAY and allow sometime for mods to be installed. Client may freeze or become unresponsive at times. Don't force close, Just let it install.

Step 5: Now add the server in the multiplayer section.
Server Name: OMS
Server Address:
Then click done.

Step 6: Join the server and enjoy! 

OMS Crazy Craft 4.0
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