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Player(s) should first kill the Dragon, once they've killed the EnderDragon and grab the Egg.   

The players goal is to keep a hold of the Dragon Egg for 3 weeks in your own base.

not allowed for Egg to be placed in the End or in an unreachable base. 

 If a player steals the Dragon Egg from you the days will reset and will broadcast in chat that the days have been reset.

 If a group or a player does in fact keep the Dragon Egg for the 3 weeks the players will get rewards!

  Solo team - 2nd top rank and small paypal reward.

  Team (minimal 3 players for group)    - Big paypal cash reward. Groups of 3+ to make a team name. 


Things to understand.

 You cannot place the Dragon egg in chests or anything that has storage yes , that means furnaces.


The Dragon egg does not burn when dropped into lava or in fire.

 If a player logs out with the dragon egg inside of their inventory the players inventory will be dropped onto the  ground. Will also 

  broadcast their coordinates in chat so, best you don't do that ahah.






STORE First rank is only $2.00 could buy me a coffee in the mornings :)

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