SupremeSurvival [Towny | Classes | Custom Mobs | Economy]

SupremeSurvival [Towny | Classes | Custom Mobs | Economy]

SupremeSurvival [Towny | Classes | Custom Mobs | Economy] ip:

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SupremeSurvival is a modern take on a classic gametype, run by admins with 10 years each in Minecraft server hosting experience, you can rely on us to provide you with a gaming experience which is second to none.

We're currently under heavy development and are constantly adding to the experience we provide, we're also looking for your suggestions as to how we can improve the server. Why're you still reading this? Come and check the server out for yourself at

Supreme Survival [TOWNY & FACTIONS | CLASSES | QUESTS | CROSSPLAY | PETS | MAGIC] Minecraft Server

SupremeSurvival offers players a unique Towny experience.
Our diverse class system is designed to complement the way you play towny with options to fit most players preferred play style. 
You'll experience awe inspiring views, immersive quest lines, unique mobs and custom magic spells. 

The experienced SupremeSurvival staff team are dedicated to bringing you a truly immersive and entertaining minecraft experience.
Our Quest Team is working hard to develop a rich lore and history to the server in the form of custom quests and custom lore tomes to immerse you in the rich atmosphere of Supreme Survival. The incredibly talented build team is working tirelessly to create unique locations, dungeons and maps for the community to enjoy and our dedicated dev team is constantly bringing new features to enhance the player experience. 

We support crossplay. Take our server experience onto the console or your choice! Xbox, PS4, Switch & Mobile!Please view the wiki on our website to find out how to join on your device! Please check out our website to find detailed instructions on how to join our server from any device!

SupremeSurvival [Towny | Classes | Custom Mobs | Economy]
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Registration DateOctober 30, 2020
Last Pinged27 minutes ago
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Version 1.17.1
CountryUnited Kingdom flag