Minegaiden ip: mc.minegaiden.com

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Server ip: mc.minegaiden.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/9nMy5gQ88x

Minegaiden is a new/old war server controlled by players, and owned by those who were players. The game style is set by the community of players. So far there has been a lot of building, pvp, explosions, and some war. But we are friendly people, I swear. You might get blown up though. Just sayin'.

Founded in 2010, we have been evolving as long as Minecraft has been updating, and are eager to bring our unqiue Minegaiden gamestyle into a brand new Minecraft 1.16.4 format. We have a unique whitelisting and ranking system run by the players, with a unique Towny protections implementation that is, you guessed it, managed by the players. It's an incredible community, with everything from the economy to chat managed by the players directly (with sensible staff as well).

We already have a lot of players for a new server. Many of them build. Some of them destroy. We would love to see where you fit.

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Server Information
Minegaiden IPmc.minegaiden.com
Registration DateNovember 06, 2020
Last Pinged5 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.6
CategoriesPVPFunEconomySurvivalTownyFreeCityGoodNo premiumTowns
CountryUnited States of America flag