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RTOS the corp decided to expand its company into the desert to try their new experiments. However, during the transition, the higher-ups went rouge. Bring the company down and splitting apart. Making every piece of former RTOS separate in far corners of the desert.

So daily raids and deaths rose. Making the desert the new Wild West. However, after a raid on former higher up the raiders stumble upon a graveyard with a warning. DO NOT GRAVE ROB OR BE PUNISHED. The raiders ignored it and grave rob. One of the graves healed a dark supernatural present once it was disturbed. A curse was released killing the robbers and now the curse has spread all over the desert. Causing disaster and dread of fear for survival. 

What your task? Your a fellow cowboy or cowgirl. That was under one of the former higher-ups. The curse found him and cause unspeakable disasters forcing you to flee that furthest point. You deiced to stop. Your now task to build your own town, protect your people from the curse, harvest resources, and survive. 

Dead Man's Ville
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Dead Man's Ville IP51.81.151.129
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Registration DateNovember 22, 2020
Last Pinged7 minutes ago
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Version 1.12.2
CategoriesPVPModdedSMPEconomyFactionsGunsPVESurvivalAdventureSurvival RPG
CountryUnited States of America flag
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