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PangeaMC Network - Now on 1.18.1 - Now with Skyblock!

A small, community oriented SMP and Skyblock server.

The SMP server is survival but with lots of quality of life improvements such as Custom Enchants, land claims with flight, multiple homes, veinminer, an online map and both server and player run shops.
- Griefing other players is forbidden and you can disable your PVP with /pvp off
- OP but rare voting rewards such as subtractive worldedit operations, spawner moves, custom enchants and more!
The SMP map was reset on Nov 26th with 1.18 terrain past 30k (/rtp)
(Read the rules at spawn for a free kit)
To go directly to the SMP server do /server Survival or use the menu in the Hub.

Skyblock is a spin on the Minecraft classic, survival. Each player is assigned an island to which they can play solo or invite up to three other players to work with them. The goal of the game is to reach the top island rank and stay there amidst the opposing islands. Players are to level up their island (using /is level) to update and upgrade their islands.
/server Skyblock


PangeaMC Network
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PangeaMC Network
Registration DateDecember 08, 2020
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Version 1.18.1
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