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Welcome to Charged Craft!  (We're looking for staff!)


This is a newly made Minecraft server with a bunch of soon-to-be-added gamemodes! 


- Custom Commands

- Custom-Made GUI's 

- A lot of soon to be added gamemodes!

- Good staff!

- Well-Made server!


The gamemodes added:

- Survival 

The Gamemodes that are going to be added

  - Prison

  - Minigames

  - PvP battle’s

  - And many more!


Thank you for reading this


  Our Website:

Yes, we do have a website. We’re currently working hard on making it a Good Looking and Easy website for everyone to use!

What is the website gonna contain?

   - Buyable Ranks!

   - Discord and Ingame staff applications!

   - Other Information about C.C!

   - Easy to use guide!

   - Entire Staff Team!


・ Staff Application Status: OPEN!!


 Custom Commands!


- /Spawn - Do this and it'll warp ya right to spawn! 

- /Discord - This command will tell you the discord link within seconds! 

- /Shop - This one will get you into our shop in no-time!! 

- /Spawn-Menu - You wanna play another gamemode? Here you can!

   More to come soon!


Charged Craft
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Charged Craft
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