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Welcome to Vanilla Realms! We are a semi-vanilla survival server, created for players who seek an authentic survival experience. When creating Vanilla Realms, we kept one thing in mind; keep it simple. We wanted a place where anybody can come together to play solo, with friends or meet new friends! We would love to have you join our community and relax, build, craft, survive, and thrive with us! IP: Features:

Homes | Set homes so you never lose your home again. Teleportation | Teleport to other players with ease, no more coordinates. Shops | Trade with shop merchants to purchase items you need. Trade Market | Exchange items with other players across the world. Land Claiming | Protection from other players breaking your belongings.

Vanilla Realms
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Vanilla Realms
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Registration DateJanuary 02, 2021
Last Pinged23 minutes ago
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Version 1.16
CategoriesPVEPVPSurvivalSemi Vanilla
CountryUnited States of America flag