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thats my minigames server for 1.8.9, for now its in beta and only 2 game modes are avaible:

1)Gun Duels (1v1 duels with guns such as ak-47,deagle and nades use /duel player_name to invite someone)

2)Knockback BedWars (hypixel like bedwars but without swords, building blocks armour and invis potion, except that you have knockback sticks with knockback 1 2 and 3(u spawn with a stick without any enchants) u have only chain armour, bows with punch 1 2 and 3 bridge eggs they are very cheap to build and get to other islands tnt are more expensive and fireballs are much cheaper, the server are small and in beta, so there might be lags, not enaugh space of alot of games in the same time and bugs, if u find any bugs or any cool ideas to add or change feel free to massage me on  discord: IAmAxY#6969 and please dont judge hard its a very new server and im   just a 10th grade school kid so dont expect alot. hope you will like that :)

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Registration DateJanuary 18, 2021
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Version 1.8.9
CategoriesGunsMinigamesPVPBed WarsDuel
CountryUnited States of America flag