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The Modpack currently doesnt have the mods needed to properly run a public server.
Inorder to properly run this server we require you to download 5 extra mods and copy them on Valhesia 3 modpack folder.
You can still join the server without installing the mods you just wont be able to claim chunks and join teams.
go to our website: Then Click How to join, scroll down and hit download.

How to copy mods over to Valhesia 3
Step 1
Open CurseForge and right click on Valhesia 3 then left click on open folder.
Step 2
Within Valhesia 3 root folder locate for the mods folder then drag and drop the 5 mods in the BlueDream Prerequisite
folder you downloaded in the mods folder.
Once thats done you can now join the server and you should see a green check mark next to the server before you join if everything was done properly.
If you have diffculty copying the mods please contact any Admin on discord and we would help you.

Blue Dream
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Blue Dream
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Registration DateFebruary 01, 2021
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Version 1.16.4
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