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We're a small survival server, aiming to create a safe and comfortable environment for all of our community members, while also introducing Nordic culture to people around the world!

We have a community full of native Nordic players, avid language-learners, and other people from all around the globe - one of the things they say they love the most about our server is the community and family atmosphere when they're online.

Our servers biomes are hand-made to feel like the terrain in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finnish Lapland, and the structures which generate there also reflect the country. We have upcoming biomes planned for Iceland, land, Faroe and Greenland too!

Players are most active during the daytime in Europe, but you can feel free to join any other time! CloudCraft isn't a large server, however, we recently celebrated our 6th birthday with an anniversary ceremony - one of our servers oldest traditions! We're totally looking forward to meeting you on the server!

CloudCraft Nordic SMP
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Registration DateFebruary 07, 2021
Last Pinged9 minutes ago
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Version 1.16
CategoriesSmallEconomyPVESurvivalCommunityNon OPQuestsNo premiumPeacefulTeam Survival
CountryUnited Kingdom flag
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