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RCG Global ip: mc.realisticcombatgaming.net

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Server IP: mc.realisticcombatgaming.net
Discord: discord.gg/cW9zPypmkt
Website: www.realisticcombatgaming.net/

RCG Global is a Geopolitical Minecraft server. Our mission is to give people the best experience.

What do you want from a geopolitical server? Warfare, an amazing towny experience, or just to have fun with your friends and make a cool base? Whatever you are looking for RCG Global can provide! RCG Global takes the best aspects of towny and the best aspects of a warfare server and combines them to make a perfectly balanced geopolitical server where you can come and chill or build up your town and nation and go to war with other nations. We offer a premium towny experience moderated and managed by an esteemed and caring staff team. Join us today at RCG Global and experience Geopolitical in a whole new way!

Some Information

Towns and Nations

Think you have what it takes to make and run a town? Get started with our premium towny experience and become the Mayor of your very own town. Use the world’s natural resources and the people you recruit to build up your town. Beware though, people can attack you and take your stuff so be sure to build your defenses.

Want to take things even further and be the President of a nation? Start today and begin building up an RCG Global Superpower. Recruit towns and people to strengthen your nation and fight your way to the top of RCG Global. Beware though, with power comes responsibility and danger, people can be your greatest ally or your greatest enemy.

- Premium Towny and Warfare experience
- Caring and Dedicated Staff Team
- Custom Craftable Weapons
- Custom Resource Pack
- A Unique 1:1 Map Scale Replica of the Earth
- Dynamic Shop and Economy
- Movecraft
- Vehicles (Helicopters, Planes, Cars and more)
- Siege Wars

Will you rise and become the global superpower or crumble under the weight of the world?

RCG Global
Server Information
RCG Global IPmc.realisticcombatgaming.net
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/cW9zPypmkt
Registration DateFebruary 21, 2021
Last Pingedabout 6 hours ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.15.2
CountryUnited States of America flag