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Cozy Cosmos is a Minecraft sever network that aims to provide the ideal survival multiplayer experience for everyone! Currently only featuring Towny, a Factions and Skyblock server are in the works, with plans for several others! Our server is unique due to our hard working staff who go out of their way to talk to and help out the players and due to the features that these same staff have worked hard to seamlessly integrate into the survival experience. These features include:

- Brewery: Make custom drinks! Alcohol or not, there's plenty of options!

- Miden's Foods: Named for the creator of the plugin who is also the owner of the server (and the one up late at night writing this description) this plugin allows for custom foods to be added to the game that the player actually eats like normal vanilla food. There are plenty of fun new items that you can make and sell in your own little café.

- Enchants plus: A fork of Zenchantments that lets us have very customizable enchantments in our server! We have spent a lot of time adjusting and balancing the rates at which you get them, their maximum levels, and determining which ones shouldn't be allowed at all. A list of enchantments and what they do can be found here.

However, the one thing that makes our server really special (in my eyes) is the community. We are a very small, cozy bunch (hence the name), but we've wanted to share what we've made along the way with the rest of the world and make new friends as we go along. Join today!

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Cozy Cosmos
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