1Heart - SMP Done Right

1Heart - SMP Done Right

1Heart - SMP Done Right ip: 1Heart.tasrv.com

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Everything is free | Always up to date | No paid ranks | Free Particles | Trading

Hey! We're 1Heart! We're a 24/7 server that's being hosted from a premium hosting site and paid for every week.

 Are you tired of having to pay for "VIP" ranks on every single server?
Don't want to give anybody your wallet?
That's great, because me neither! On 1Heart, you get all features for FREE the second you join. No money needed, no subscription needed, no advertising needed.

Our server also runs off of an intel i9 10th gen processor with unlimited SSD storage and 5GBs of RAM (At the moment, it can be increased if needed.)
We also have unlimited player slots.

You give us:

And we give you:
The ability to change skins in-game, that everyone will see, no launcher, no mods, just one command. (Includes ability to upload and use custom skins!)
The ability to have up to 2 custom particle effects at once, with a max of 5 particle groups at once!
The ability to open your enderchest Everywhere!
Maximum 50 homes with /sethome!
Land claiming! (soon)
Max 5 custom skyblock islands! (soon)

1Heart - SMP Done Right
Server Information
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/U6RGj8y6Ge
Registration DateFebruary 23, 2021
Last Pinged6 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.16.5
CategoriesCrackedNewFreeSMPFree Worldedit
CountryPoland flag